RSPCA calls for compulsory pet micro-chipping

girl with dog in the snow

Most new dog owners think nothing of heading to a store like to pick up the essentials like dog food, dog kennels or dog toys. However, despite making sure their pets are well catered for, many dog owners fail to take one major precaution to protect their pet and others, by not having their dog micro-chipped.

Following the recent attack by two un-chipped rottweilers made a guide dog in Wales, the RSPCA have called for the micro-chipping of pets to be made compulsory. In addition to making owners more responsible for their animals, micro-chipping can help reunite lost dogs with their owners.

The process, which costs around £10-£15 is usually carried out by a vet and involves a small chip being inserted just beneath the dog’s skin. This chip carries a unique code that matches the dog up with its owners via information stored on a national database. So, as long as the owner keeps the information up to date, there is a much higher chance that any lost pooches will be returned safely.

Speaking to the BBC, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association’s head of campaigns James White said: “We’ve met opposition to our call for microchipping, from people who say it’s too costly and too bureaucratic, but a microchip costs around £10-15.”

He added: “Quite frankly if you can’t afford a microchip, then you can’t afford to own a dog responsibly, and shouldn’t have it in the first place.”

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