Save money on tiles by making a mosaic


If you have lots of leftover tiles from previous jobs, why not save yourself some money by re-using them in a mosaic. As well as using up resources and saving yourself a trip to a supplier like Topps Tiles, mosaics create a unique effect in whatever room you use them in: whether it’s the wall or floor, kitchen or bathroom, it’s a visually striking way to decorate a space.

Before you begin making a mosaic, assemble all your spare tiles and lay them on the floor together in different combinations. It’s usually best to find three or four different tiles that work well with one another, but if you think a combination works, go with it! Making a mosaic is a creative process, after all.

Make sure you use the appropriate size and colour of tiles for the space you are working with, and choose something that enhances the patterns and designs of the surrounding furniture. If you have more tiles of one type than another, you can also use these as your main pattern and add a mosaic “band” to break up the wall – that way, you use up your tiles and get an interesting design at the same time.

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