The student alternative to credit cards

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Concern over potential rising student debt isn’t isolated to University-goers and their parents. In fact, it’s a topic of concern for high-profile individuals such as Patrick Steward, who recently spoke out against the new style fees. Personal finances are often difficult for new students to manage.

Straight out of school they are expected to manage bills, rent and living expenses. Some even need to take part-time job in order to supplement their student loan. It can be easy to get carried away during this time and build up debts by living the student lifestyle to the fullest. Access to credit can sometimes be too much of a temptation to this group, who can find themselves paying by credit card and failing to pay off the full balance. With credit cards often required for online transactions such as booking tickets for the theatre or similar, in many ways they can be seen as a necessity; there is however another option: pre-paid credit cards. These are offered by the likes of Secure Trust Bank and can be used to make purchases online without the risk of mounting debts because you need to preload them before use.

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