Three steps to making your properties winter-ready


Winter ice and snow is not just an inconvenience for travel, it also poses a risk to our homes and as such it’s important to protect your property investments by making sure they are winter-ready. Here are three steps to help you on your way.

1)Carry out some general maintenance. Common insurance claims for winter damage are for problems with guttering, roofs and burst pipes. With this in mind, make sure your heating is serviced before the chill descends, clear out your guttering and give the roof a once over – prevention is often cheaper than the cure.

2)Check your insurance. Being covered for weather related issues will be a godsend should the worst happen. Landlords insurance usually covers problems such as burst pipes as standard, but do be aware of any exclusions or caps on claims. To see how your insurance measures up, look at the offerings of specialists such as

3)Get in touch with your tenants. If the individuals living in your property plan to go away for the festive season, your property could be left unoccupied – potentially tempting thieves to break in, or causing problems with utilities such as heating. Gently remind your tenants to make use of security systems provided and to leave heating on a timer while they are away to prevent freezing.

The average winter damage insurance claim is around £2,200 so following these simple measures could save you a small fortune.



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